Zaraq’xan is one of the dimension lords, a prominent member of warrior royalty, who has earned the title of «Star Hunter» among his people.
He is an interdimensional being that transcends the limits of time and space, traveling the dimensions in search of knowledge and wisdom. His ancient and advanced civilization has reached a state of harmony and balance between science and spirituality. These extraordinary beings have a majestic and enigmatic appearance; their bodies are formed by an amalgamation between the biology of their ancient race and the technology of AI.
From an early age, Zaraq’xan displayed an exceptional talent for strategy and combat. Gifted with a quick mind and amazing intuition, he became one of the bravest and most feared warriors of his kind. His battles were not only physical, but also spiritual, as the lords of the dimensions believed that true greatness comes from the balance between body and soul.
As Zaraq’xan matured, her desire to know him intensified. Although he excelled in the art of combat, he never lost sight of the search for truth and universal wisdom. He immersed himself in the ancient records of his civilization and learned from the mystics and sages who had preceded his time. He studied quantum physics and the mysteries of the multiverse, revealing secrets that only a few had been able to understand.
The Council of Elders recognized Zaraq’xan’s exceptional potential and named him a Star Hunter, a distinguished rank that few in dimensional society achieved. As a Star Hunter, he had the responsibility of leading other warriors and explorers on their interdimensional journeys. The dimension lords believed that each new dimension contained bits of knowledge and truth that would enrich their understanding of the universe.

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